How to achieve a sense of belonging? Constantly. Share. Your. Power.

I am writing a memo for a class about Belonging and Resilience. Here is a very good thought from my research: To be happy, resilient and confident we have to create additional opportunities for each other, folks! Mantra: Constantly. Share. Your. Power.

We cannot be resilient without being confident that we have enough resources and uniqueness to be accepted. The more accessible resources and opportunities we get /give to others, the more we feel belonging. And vice versa, when we don’t have enough opportunities or access to resources [empathy, technology, education], we tend to feel disconnected with the world or lose interest in it.


Prof. Osterman claims that a sense of belonging reflects acceptance and it ultimately influences dimensions of individual behavior. Adolescents with a high sense of belonging are more likely to be resilient through the belief that resources are available to them to overcome difficulties.


The most inspiring time in my classroom is when my young folks show each other how to download, upload, and tag to share their art online. They are empowered to elevate each other’s art. All these things would be much more boring to teach if I didn’t share my legacy/ teacher power with my folks.

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