Although talking to strangers might be a very uncomfortable experience, positive interactions we got from it are the way to avail self-confidence. Research shows that connection to other people through shared experience, even if we do not know them well, strengthens internal psychological resilience while building social bonds.

I learned about the value of small talk when I taught high school folks about starting a conversation with strangers through street photo-interviews in Venice Beach several years ago. Homelessness was on a rise in Southern California at that time. Every week, there were hundreds of people who lost their houses because…

I am writing a memo for a class about Belonging and Resilience. Here is a very good thought from my research: To be happy, resilient and confident we have to create additional opportunities for each other, folks! Mantra: Constantly. Share. Your. Power.

We cannot be resilient without being confident that we have enough resources and uniqueness to be accepted. The more accessible resources and opportunities we get /give to others, the more we feel belonging. …

Daria Sur

Media artist 💻 Education researcher 👩🏼‍🎤 Digital Arts Teacher for K12 M.ed 🇺🇸,Ca. Creative Resilience for students, educators, and you.

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